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Ceramic coating has recently emerged as a popular way of adding an extra layer of protection and style to one ‘s vehicle.

It is an incredibly resilient material, capable of withstanding the intense temperatures and elements of Colorado weather.

What’s more, this coating repels water, dirt, and grime, making it easier to keep your car looking its best for longer.

In addition to being able to stand up to nature’ s harsh conditions, the ceramic coating also imbues your car with a luxurious sheen that will make it sparkle like no other.

If you are in a search for the perfect way to armor your ride against the elements while giving it a touch of elegance, then ceramic coating is the answer you’ ve been searching for.

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What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a transparent liquid polymer applied as a protective barrier to the exterior of cars. Acting like an invisible armor around the vehicle, this ceramic layer prevents scratches, chips, and other damage from damaging your beloved car’s paintwork.

In addition to its defensive capabilities, this coating also imparts a high-gloss shine that will help keep your car looking beautiful for years to come. If you’re in the market for long-lasting paint protection and eye-catching sparkle, getting your car ceramic-coated is the way to go.


What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a popular choice for car aficionados and everyday drivers alike. It is an armor between your automobile’s paint job and the harmful elements, providing protection from UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, and more.

Not only does this ceramic barrier lend a layer of defense against intrusions, but it also makes it easier to keep your car looking brand new with its hydrophobic and dirt-repellent properties. This fantastic coating can be applied to any vehicle ranging from cars and trucks to RVs and boats.

The many advantages ceramic coating offer make them a tantalizing investment for any automotive owner. If you want a reliable way to protect your vehicle’s paint while adding a little something extra special, this is the ideal solution.

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Reasons to get ceramic coating for your vehicle

There may be various reasons for you to decide to get your car protected with a ceramic coat but here are a few:

  • Protection from the elements: Ceramic coatings act as a barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the elements. This can help to prevent damage from dirt, debris, UV rays, and more.
  • Enhanced appearance: Ceramic coatings can give your vehicle’s paint a glossy, wet look that is resistant to fading.
  • Easy maintenance: Ceramic coatings make it easy to keep your vehicle’s paint looking like new. Simple maintenance washing over the surface of he car with a mild soap and water solution.
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frequently asked questions

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ceramic coating services prices

The expense of a professional-grade coating is dependent on the size and type of vehicle; however, it can be expected to fall between $900 and $2000. For more dainty vehicles such as cars, the monetary outlay typically veers toward the lower end of this range. Conversely, if your vehicle happens to be of larger stature then you may want to budget for something at the higher end spectrum.

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Is ceramic coating worth the money?

The advantages of investing in a professional ceramic coating are many, making it a worthwhile choice. The self-cleaning properties of the clear coat mean that keeping your car grime-free is easier than ever before, while protective layers guard your vehicle against environmental harm. Not only can this add to the resale value of your car, but countless individuals also find that the glossy allure and extra safeguard provided by ceramic coating are worth every penny.

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How long does the protection last?

Ceramic coatings are tough, boasting a longevity of a few years when maintained correctly. It's critical to remember that this coating should not be viewed as an alternative to paint protection film or other forms of reinforcement; rather, it works in tandem with them for a maximum level of defense.

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Can I wax my car after getting a coat?

It is imperative to avoid waxing your automobile for two weeks after the ceramic coating has been applied, permitting it to settle and firmly adhere to the paint.

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What are the risks associated with ceramic coating?

The primary risk associated with ceramic coating is that it can be laborious to remove if and when necessary. This may lead to a need for paint correction and even voiding out of manufacturer warranties. Additionally, it might affect the value of a car if it needs to be sold or traded in.

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Can ceramic coating damage your car?

Negative effects of ceramic coating on a car can be caused by improper application or inadequate preparation before application, resulting in poor adhesion and ultimately leading to paint damages, an uneven finish, and other cosmetic blemishes.

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What is Paint Correction?

The Paint Correction process begins with an initial evaluation in which a technician will assess the overall condition of the vehicle s paintwork, taking into account the type of finish(clear coat, metallic or solid color), the age of the paint, and what kind of damage it has sustained. From there, the technician can develop a specific plan for each individual vehicle to achieve optimal results.

One common technique used for paint correction involves compounding or cutting— the removal of minor surface imperfections such as light scratches during a wet sanding step. Compounding is often completed with a rotary buffer equipped with a wool pad and special compounds developed to work with each individual type of finish.

Once this step has been completed, polishing follows where polish compounds are used with foam pads on either an orbital or rotary buffer to refine and rejuvenate clear coats by removing haze and restoring clarity. To complete the process, waxes or sealants may be applied to further protect against UV rays and road contaminants while adding further shine and depth to the vehicle s exterior.

Ceramic coating
vs paint protection film

Ceramic coating is a liquid product that is applied directly onto the painted surface of a vehicle, creating a strong chemical bond that creates an ultra-durable and glossy finish. The thickness of ceramic coatings ranges from 0.1– 0.5 mm and once applied they provide superior protection against scratches and fading caused by UV rays over the course of many years.

Paint protection film(PPF), on the other hand, is a thin plastic sheet that is custom cut to precisely fit any part of your car such as the hood, bumper, or fenders. Though not as durable as ceramic coatings, PPF provides excellent coverage against rock chips, abrasions, bird droppings, and other minor surface damage while also offering resistance to UV damage like fading or discoloration.

In summary, choosing between ceramic coatings and PPF depends on the severity of environmental hazards you expect to encounter on an everyday basis. Both are great solutions for preserving your vehicle’s exterior, however, both have their own pros and cons – for maximum longevity, it’s typically best to combine them both for optimal long-term protection.


Additional Protections

Clear Bra is another popular option that is installed in a professional context as vinyl wraps; it provides additional protection against rock chips and other road debris while maintaining a glossy finish throughout its lifetime.

However, both PPF and Clear Bra may require periodic maintenance such as polishing or waxing to keep their protective properties intact. In comparison, ceramic coatings provide superior durability with minimal maintenance for many years to come; some ceramic coatings offer water-shedding capabilities which allow dirt or mud to be easily washed away without damaging the underlying paintwork.

Ultimately, choosing between options should depend on the environmental conditions you expect your vehicle to be exposed to – either PPF or Clear Bra is better suited for objects like race cars that must contend with rock chips and gravel whereas ceramic coatings provide excellent long-term protection when dealing with everyday contaminants such as bird droppings or acid rain.


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